Guided Excursions

World-class SCUBA Diving and Fishing Minutes from Canary Cove

The world-class dive sites and fishing in Belize—and particularly with Canary Cove’s expert guides—are unparalleled. Whether it is learning to SCUBA and getting certification from our staff divemasters, going out for deep water dives, a trip to the famed Blue Hole, fishing inside the reef, in deep water, or fly fishing—our own staff or our hand-picked private guides can set you up.

SCUBA Diving and Fishing

For an additional fee, you can take advantage of the reef dive sites just a 5-minute boat ride from the Canary Cove private dock. With your private boat, guides and top-notch equipment, you will have the best SCUBA diving experience imaginable. Rely on the most professional dive crew on the island taking you to locations unknown to many. Learn to dive or advance your experience using Canary’s comfortably large, modern dive boat and equipment traveling in just minutes among the best dive spots in the world. Canary Cove has one of the best equipped SCUBA programs on San Pedro. Based on Canary Cove’s own private docks, our staff uses large, fast and well-equipped private cruisers to take you to the famed Belize barrier reef, Blue Hole or Hol Chan Marine Reserve. The famous Mexico Rocks (soon to be declared a national marine reserve) is directly offshore of Canary Cove. All are fantastic spots for viewing sharks, rays, eels, and a rainbow of tropical fish.

We also have the best fishing guide on the island for fishing the reef or deep water fishing. For an additional fee, enjoy a day excursion in local waters or plan a charter further out. For bone-fishing in the flats, we will organize a half-day with a local knowledgeable guide.

You can arrange diving and fishing options directly with our manager and divemaster Gil. Maybe even do some spearfishing for lionfish while you’re diving—catch your meal while helping the reef!

Gil can also arrange day trips to the Great Blue Holenamed as one of the top ten dive sites in the world by Jacques Cousteau—as well as other deepwater dives and fly fishing trips with our trusted partners.

World-class fishing

World-class Fishing

Inside or outside the coral reef, fishing is fun with our staff or we can arrange a guided fly fishing trip for you.
World-class fishing

World-class SCUBA

Inside or outside the coral reef with our staff
Hunt for Lionfish

Hunt for Lionfish

SCUBA to view or hunt Lionfish.
Sea world to enjoy

Enjoy Our Sea World

SCUBA outside the reef for deeper wall dives

Canary Cove Dive Facilities

  • Private boats
  • SCUBA or snorkel
  • Multi-tank dives per day to local sites
  • Up to 20 people can be accommodated
  • Guide or instructors as needed: Our dive staff offers various degrees of dive instruction based on your needs. Resort certifications, full scuba certifications or finish your certifications with open water dives with the gorgeous marine life off our shores.
  • Charters beyond local waters are also available to Turneffe Island, Lighthouse Reef and the Great Blue Hole

Fishing Excursions Exclusively Managed by Canary Cove

  • Spacious private boat
  • Up to 12 people
  • Guide provided
  • Reef fishing or deep-sea fishing available depending on the season

“Canary Cove is an amazing place to go! I went snorkeling, fishing, and just hung out in the pool. My favorite thing on this trip would have to be scuba diving. Everything here is great and I am sure this is a vacation I will never forget! Thank you!”  – L., California kid