Belize is the only nation in Central America where English is recognized as the official language. It shares its northern border with Mexico and its western border with Guatemala. The eastern coast is entirely beaches fronting the Caribbean Sea. All of this makes for a truly unique,culturally-rich travel destination where you can access the beauty, relaxation, and adventure of the ocean as well as tropical jungles while enjoying transportation of planes, automobiles, island golf carts, and boats.

The people of Belize are low-key, friendly, and a seamless mix of cultures—Belizean, Creole, mestizo, Garifuna, Maya, and expats. All of this keeps Belize thoroughly traveler-friendly. Inland Belize boasts a network of national parks and wildlife sanctuaries, as well as being home to one of the world’s most mysterious civilizations—the ancient Maya. Visit the Cayo District to see the country’s capital city Belmopan, as well as jungles with waterfalls, mayan ruins, and even take in horseback riding. The Toledo District to the south of Belize City has Maya villages, and beautiful views of the Caribbean Sea as well as the mountains of Guatemala to the south.

Belize experiences tropical climates with both wet and dry seasons; hurricane season spans June–November making winter the most pleasant climate for many people.

Helpful Hints

  • $1 US = 2$ BZE: Both currencies taken everywhere. VISA/MASTERCARD is accepted as well.
  • Using your mobile phone for calls to the U.S. or roaming data is very expensive; we suggest you turn off ‘Roaming’.
  • You can text our staff from your phone when you arrive to confirm arrival.

Additional Planning

“Thanks for an excellent time. We will remember and recount our time here for years. This place is gorgeous. The Canary Cove crew could not have been nicer.”  – J. & E., California